Truss Exhibits

Truss Exhibits are used for indoor and outdoor exhibits and events build.  We have one of the best weather resistant truss exhibits options.  Take a look at the X Module and you’ll be surprised. These are smaller and more decorative truss that is aluminum in structure. Our free design and quotation will highlight the modest cost of truss, functionality and appeal of truss.

Modular composit Truss system is a combination of the narrow simplicity of nature’s own engineering combined with an innovative design to make it foldable. The patented, foldable design saves the usual large expenditure of transport and storage. The light design supports use for new ideas in exhibitions and events. For events and exhibition a powerful image will support flexibility for any challenge given. Foldable system, Re-useable, Outdoor & indoor use, Easy to build, Requires no tools, Fits with all media, Flexible in sizes, Standard color: black & white.

Truss Exhibits

Events, Exhibitions, Retail Displays

truss exhibits - x module

truss exhibits - x-module 2

truss exhibits 6088200_orig 8631647_orig 9548621_orig 13800_orig



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