Portable displays

There are many options for portable displays. CoMotion’s impartial approach enables you to explore our various options and latest developments in the portable displays exhibit world. These are used at at Conventions, trade shows, exhibitions, and special events and many other places.

Conventions, trade shows, exhibitions, and special events

All our display systems are subjected to rigorous testing at each stage of production. Our trained and experienced personnel combine years of design experience with highest quality materials in order to guarantee the reliability of our display systems. You will never find yourself being limited to 2 or 3 product options that a tradeshow display company may carry.

Our goal is to provide you with exactly what you need, as we are the exclusive distributor for some excellent portable displays. We are able to provide a larger variety of exhibit solutions and latest products for our clients.

Our impartial approach and commitment guarantees fresh, unique solutions meeting your exhibit challenges. Let’s talk!

Portable Displays

Tabletop Displays
Tabletop displays at CoMotion.ca have a good selection various styles and sizes.

10X10 Portable
10×10 trade show portable displays are portable, simple to use and set up by just one person

10X20 Portable 
10×20 portable displays give you the flexibility of giving you additional space and scope to show off.

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