Modular Exhibits

At CoMotion, Modular exhibits systems can be used in a variety of applications and spaces. Modular exhibits systems has its own unique identity, it can be used in a smaller exhibit or a larger exhibit.  Our Modular exhibits consists of an aluminium framed system which is available in various combinations. These can be magnetically attached, flexible or rigid graphics, and is available in both straight and curved configurations.

These systems are suitable for:

  • offices
  • receptions
  • exhibitions
  • museums
  • foyers
  • or any average sized display area

These systems can be broken down and assembled in minutes into new layouts as the exhibitor may require from show to show. The components are often made from high lightweight materials, and transported in small travelling cases.

Modular Exhibit (Wikipedia) : Modular exhibits systems use a standardized basic structures, whether it is a metal frame work, or thin lightweight panel construction, which is then configured within the confines of the structure limitations to what the exhibitor requires. A study by trade show week magazine showed that modular exhibits weigh on average about 60% less than traditional custom exhibits. Analogous to a Lego or Tinker toy, the components are typically easily re-configured.


The flexible graphic option is more portable than the rigid panel system, both come with high quality digitally printed graphics. Here take a look!

Modular Exhibits


Modular Exhibits 10 x 10 - comotion.ca

10 x 10 Modular Exhibits

10 x 20 modular exhibits

10 x 20 Modular Exhibits

Island Exhibits - comotion.ca

Island Exhibits

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